1. The County will enter two teams into the competition.

  2. Club qualifiers will be selected by in-club competitions.

  3. Each club will forward £1 per player entering their qualifying competition as entry fee to the County Qualifier rounded up (if necessary) to meet the minimum entry fee detailed below.

  4. The minimum entry fee from each club will be 25 players (or cash equivalent) per club to have one team of 4 at the DGU finals, or forty players for two teams.

  5. Entries must be forwarded to the DGU Secretary by Sunday 21st May 2017, together with full results from their in-club qualifying competition.

  6. The DGU competition will be held at Northop Golf Club on Sunday, 4th June 2017.

  7. The two teams returning best stableford scores (for best three cards) will be entered into the GUW competition by the DGU Secretary.

  8. In the event of a tie the fourth card will be counted. If there is still a tie it will be decided by the points scored on the 4 cards over the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole(s) in turn as required. Should there still be a tie then result will be decided by coin toss.
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