Following our recent AGM hosted by Denbigh GC, congratulations to our new County Captain, George Smith MBE from the Vale of Llangollen GC and to all of the prize-winners who honoured us with their attendance on the night to collect their trophies and prize vouchers.

Attached are a selction of photographs.

May we also use this opoprtunity to wish our 2200+ members a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS


As we approach the end of our golfing year and our forthcoming AGM (Denbigh GC Wed 11th December), we wish to advise of the following vacancy within the administration of our County.

We are seeking applications for an 'Assistant Secretary' who can shadow our present Secretary over 2020 and with a requirement for him to assume the role of 'Full Secretary' for the 2021 season and onwards.

In a perfect world we are looking for someone who has a few minutes a day to check and respond to e-mails; who has immediate access to word-processing facilities, with a logical mind and an administrative background.

You will be expected to attend 4 meetings every year and provide support to the other Executive Officers (President - Captain - Treasurer - Team Managers) and be part of the administration team for the 3 County events of the year.

We can provide a very small honorarium and of course cover all certified expenses involved in the role. The only major benefit you will receive is having complimentary entry into the annual County Presidents Day and Dinner. 18 holes of golf and a three course meal for no cost will surely be the pinnacle of your year and will undoubtedly attract great interest 

Therefore, if you are interested in playing a vital part in the County, please send an email to our County Secretary Ian Davies - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks for reading this post and, if not attractive to yourself, then please spread the word to other members at your club. If we don't fill the position then we could be struggling in 2021.

The finals of the Jubilee Plate were held yesterday at Vale of Llangollen GC and we must go on record by thanking their green staff for the excellent service they provided. At 07:30 the course was closed due to the extremely heavy overnight rain and areas of flooding on several greens. We all thought that the day would have to be cancelled. However the staff were out mopping the greens and one hour later the course was in wonderful condition, ready for the games.

Over Coffee and Bacon Rolls (much needed on a cold and blustery day with the rain still falling) Jubilee Plate organiser John Leigh gathered the competitors together and a draw was made for the semi-final matches.

Denbigh pair of Parry and Mazurek were drawn against Wrexham pair of Philips and Philips and another Denbigh pair of Father and Son Mark and Keiron Shaw against Moss pair of Waddell and Parry.

Both semi's were closely-fought games but eventually Parry and Mazurek were winners by 3&2 and Shaw and Shaw defeated Waddell and Parry by the same margin. Highlight of those matches was young Keiron Shaw, playing off a handicap of 14, never having visited the course before and, by the 16th green of the morning round when completing his victory, stood at just three over par.

After a brief lunch the players headed out for the afternoon games.

The finals being competed by two Denbigh pairs, Shaw and Shaw against previous Plate winners of Parry and Mazurek.

The finals were a closely fought encounters with 'ups and downs' over the front nine. At the turn, Shaw and Shaw led by 2 holes, delivered mainly by Shaw jnr. receiving 8 shots over his opposition. The back nine saw Parry and Mazurek fighting back and recovering one hole but then the handicap difference resurfaced and the odd lip-out putt here and there hindered Parry and Mazurek and eventually the 'Shaw family' were victorious winning by 3&2, clearly helped by young Keiron who will not be a 14 handicapper for much longer if he continues with his amazing standard of play.

The runner-up consolation places between Waddell and Parry and Philips and Philips looked like it was to be a run-away victory by the Moss pair, who at one stage stood 3-up. However, bit by bit the Wrexham pair fought back and eventually came out winners by 1 hole.

All games were played in an excellent and friendly spirit with smiles and laughter across the whole of the day.

The presentation of the Jubilee Plate will take place at our AGM on 1th December at Denbigh GC.

The Union would like to give our most sincere thanks to Vale of Llangollen GC for allowing us to hold the event and to John Leigh who has worked so hard over the year to ensure that the event reached its usual high standard.

We also need to give our most sincere thanks to all players who supported the event over the season. We can't do it without you so please continue to enter.

One final important issue to note for the Jubilee Plate 2020. Entry into the competition will NOT be by a qualifying competition at your club. You will be able to enter by simply signing-up and paying an entry fee to your club. Entries will then be distributed to the Union and with 128 entries being allowed into the first round.

Precise information will be distributed to clubs over the new year, so keep a watch out for the entry sheet at your club.

After thorough examination and cross-checking of scores, we are delighted to announce the winners as follows:

COUNTY CAPTAINS DAY : 1st Place : Ian Hall from Plassey

COUNTY CAPTAINS DAY : 2nd Place : Richard Collier from Clays

COUNTY CAPTAINS DAY : 3rd Place : Iqbal Shergill from Clays

COUNTY SCRATCH CHAMPION : Tony Phillips from Wrexham

COUNTY CHAMPION 6-16 : Mike Jones from Clays

COUNTY CHAMPION 17+ : Patrick Whelan from Clays



NEAREST THE PIN : Les Waddell from Moss

May we thank Clays GC for hosting the event and all competitors for supporting County Captains Mike Shaw on his special day.


Games are in three-balls at 8 minute intervals. 

Time Club Name
9.20 Pwllglas RON KELLY 16
9.20 Llangollen PHIL GEE 14
9.20 Wrexham LEE ROBERTS 7
9.28 Llangollen TONY MASH 18
9.28 Pwllglas PHIL CORBETT 11
9.28 Pwllglas WAL BROWETT 18
9.36 Moss LES WADDELL 9
9.36 Clays PHIL DAVIES 9
9.36 Clays KEV SCAIFE 9
9.44 Wrexham LUKE PARRY 4
9.44 Clays ANDY MATTHEWS 8
9.44 Clays ANDREW JONES 13
9.52 Wrexham ANDY DAVIES 7
9.52 Clays JUSTIN BULL 18
9.52 Clays DON WRAIGHT 10
10.00 Wrexham IAN DAVIES 5
10.00 Clays DAVE PALFERMAN 12
10.08 Wrexham KEVIN LEWIS 11
10.08 Clays NIGEL DAVIES 14
10.08 Clays BARRY DARE 23
10.16 Wrexham GERAINT WILLIAMS 9
10.16 Clays M CARNELL 17
10.16 Clays MIKE HOLLINGS 20
10.24 Wrexham TONY PHILLIPS 6
10.24 Clays MIKE JONES 10
10.24 Clays M MCHUGH 12
10.32 Pwllglas JOHN LL WILLIAMS 6
10.32 Clays TONY JACKSON 16
10.32 Clays ANDREW JONES 14
10.40 Clays RON ROBERTS 12
10.40 Clays STEWART POOLE 20
10.40 Llangollen IAN HUMPHRIES 9
10.48 Clays DILLY JONES 19
10.48 Clays TOM PIERCE 12
10.48 Moss CHRIS PARRY 10
10.56 Clays KEITH M JONES 19
10.56 Clays ERNIE WILLIAMS 14
11.04 Clays MIKE TURNER 19
11.04 Clays IQBAL SHERGILL 24
11.04 Moss BRYN JONES 17
11.12 Clays REG PEACOCK 18
11.12 Clays STUART LEYLAND 22
11.12 Plassey D BRAYSHAW 27
11.20 Clays D RILEY 7
11.20 Clays SHAUN POWELL 12
11.20 Plassey P JOHNSON 9
11.35 Clays PAT WHELAN 21
11.35 Clays PAUL LLOYD 5
11.35 Plassey W HAROLD 8
11.43 Clays TONY HARCOMBE 19
11.43 Clays BOB BROWN 26
11.43 Plassey S LARGE 18
11.51 Clays G D CLARKE 10
11.51 Clays JOSH GREEN 0
11.51 Plassey IAN HALL 13
12.00 Llangollen K WALSH 8
12.00 Llangollen ANDY BARNETT 7
12.00 Clays PAUL STEVENSON 11
12.08 Llangollen HUW ROBERTSON 2
12.08 Llangollen G SMITH 6
12.08 Clays IWAN BONDS 5
12.16 Plassey ROB PARKES 10
12.16 Llangollen MAL KAMI 6
12.16 Llangollen RICHARD OAKMAN 15
12.24 Denbigh DAVID A JONES 15
12.24 Pwllglas RICHARD COWELL 7
12.24 Llangollen BARRY BUCHANAN 8
12.32 Denbigh MARC SHAW 11
12.32 Moss MIKE SHAW 5
12.32 Llangollen DEWI OWEN 14
12.40 Moss MARK GRAYDON 21
12.40 Denbigh ERIC HOWELLS 11
12.40 Plassey TONY HUGHES 19
12.48 Denbigh KEIRAN SHAW 22
12.48 Moss PETER DAVIES 18
12.48 Llangollen DAVID E GRIFFITHS 9
12.56 Moss PETER EVANS 14
12.56 Moss ALLAN JONES
12.56 Denbigh ANDY O'LOUGHLIN 11
13.04 Denbigh GARY MORGAN 4
13.12 Llangollen DAVID ETHELSTON 20
13.12 Denbigh
13.12 Denbigh ARWEL HUGHES 4
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