1. NAME - The League shall be known as the DGU Inter-Club League

2.1. MATCH – the fixture between clubs
2.2. GAME – Individual better-ball matches within a MATCH

3. DIVISIONS - The League shall consist of two Divisions, viz. Division One, Division Two.

4. FIXTURE ARRANGEMENTS - the member clubs in each division shall play each other club in that Division either home OR away as per fixture list. Home advantage will reverse in following year.

5. MATCHES - to be played between March and September, to be arranged at the annual fixtures meeting of the preceding year. All dates to be agreed and confirmed by the AGM. Matches may be played on any day by mutual consent. However, it is traditional that the majority of them are played on a Sunday afternoon. The starting time is to be decided by the Home Team but with the agreement of the visiting team. The home team will be responsible for the catering arrangements after the match when all players are expected to attend.

6. TEAMS – Teams shall consist of 16 players (8 pairs) having Competition handicaps up to 24 (a provision requiring 2 sections. 8 players of Scratch to 12 handicap and 8 players from 13 to 24 inclusive is suspended). The Team Captain is, by tradition, the Club's Vice-Captain.

7. ELIGIBILITY - Full members of their respective clubs within the county. Players may only represent one club in any season.

8. EXCLUSIONS - Any player having represented the county scratch team on 2 or more occasions in the current or previous season shall not play in the League. Juniors (Under 18 on 1st January of the current year) cannot play in the League

9. GAMES - will be on a better-ball basis with a 90% handicap difference taken from the lowest player in the 4-ball. The captain of each team shall exchange team sheets before the commencement of play indicating the order of play. Games shall be over 18 holes and the result shall stand if halved after eighteen holes (i.e. no extra holes are to be played)

10. SCORING SYSTEM - The result of the Match is taken from the 8 games played (eg 5-3, 4-4). From this overall Match result 2 points are awarded for a Win, 1 point for a Draw.

11. LOCAL RULES – The local rules of the home club shall be applicable to all Matches. All such rules must be clearly designated on the card or given to players prior to commencement of the Match. The use of distance-measuring devices falls within this rule.

12. WINNERS – The Division Champions shall be the club having gained the greatest number of points at the end of the season. In the event of a tie, it shall be decided on the greatest number of Games won. If a tie still remains, then the total of away Games won will decide. The winners of each division will be presented with a Trophy at the Union AGM in December. The trophy is to be held securely by the club for a period of 12 months. It will be the responsibility of the holders to ensure the safe return of the trophy to the County Secretary at the November meeting, suitable engraved for presentation at the AGM.

13. FAILURE TO PLAY ON AN AGREED DATE - Difficulties may arise from time to time owing to weather, course conditions or other major setback. On such occasions, then alternative dates may be arranged. Agreed dates should be finalised before the AGM but if a change of date is required during the season, firm reasons will be required. It is therefore expected for the agreed date to remain and if a club fails to honour the Match it shall forfeit the points (and all Games within the Match) and they shall be given to the non offending team. Such matters must always be reported to the League Secretary and County Secretary.

14. DISPUTES - It is anticipated that clubs will be able to resolve any difficulty themselves and settle amicably, but failure to do so will call for this ruling. The dispute must be referred to the League Secretary in writing within 7 days of the fixture. He shall report the matter to the Executive Officers of the DGU.
14.1. Stage 1 – The League Secretary shall meet with the County Secretary and Treasurer (two of these to form a quorum) to decide the disputed issue on written submissions from the clubs involved.
14.2. Clubs have the right to appeal following this decision.
14.3. Stage 2 - Any appeal shall be heard by a Committee of the DGU comprising of the President, Captain and Vice-Captain, (two of these to form a quorum) whose decision shall be final.

15. RESULTS - It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM CAPTAIN to send an email to the DGU Hon Secretary (Reg Peacock, email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) containing the name of the two teams, the venue, date the match was played and the MATCH result GAMES won and lost asap after the match.

16. LEAGUE TABLES - the League Secretary will update the League tables and post results on the website as soon as possible after receiving results during the season to keep clubs informed of their respective position.

17. PROMOTION & RELEGATION - The winners and runners-up in Division Two will gain promotion to the Division One, whilst those placed in last two positions of Division One will be relegated to Division Two each season. (i.e. 2 up and 2 down)

18. CONTINUANCE OF MEMBERSHIP – It is expected that clubs will honour their commitments for the season. Should a club resign from the league prior to the completion of their Matches for the year a
full explanation will be required and that club’s results will be expunged from the records. If a club wishes to resign from the League for the following year, resignations must be received by 1st October of the current year.

19. NEW TEAMS – If a club not participating in the League wishes to join the League a submission must be made to the County Secretary by October 1st in the year prior to entry. The new team will enter the League in Division Three and promotion from Division Three amended to allow any imbalance in the divisions to be rectified with the smaller number of clubs being in Division Three.

20. RULES - Each Club shall be provided with a copy of the Rules at the start of each season and it will be the Club's responsibility to provide their Team Captain (Club Vice-Captain) with a copy of the said rules.

Reg Peacock
County Secretary
8th February. 2015

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